Friday, September 23, 2011

Recent Features

There have been a lot of things recently underway. One of the most exciting is - I have a new website. It has been many, many weeks of editing, retooling, and trouble shooting.... and finally, I have a great new - and vastly improved! - online portfolio. Have a look and leave a comment below if you like. :)

In other news, I've had bits collecting here and there of work I produced in the past month or so. The lovely people at Gotham asked me to shoot a another story, this one about the new Ladurée boutique opening up on Madison Avenue. The little sweets were shipped directly from France, and Asprey lent some of their fine pieces for the shoot. Here is what my editor selected, followed by some outtakes.

 In other news, my editor at The New York Times had me photograph this lovely story, when berries were still in abundance. *Sigh*. Summer really did fly.  As it so happens, I heard from a friend who made the recipe, that it is totally delicious.... ;-)

Here are two more delicious items recently in print. If everything else hasn't gotten your stomach gurgling, these certainly will.

 I am on to shooting glorious stories made for campfires and cabins... look for news of this soon! Happy fall everyone. ;-)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Shapes of Summer

The days are changing. I looked at the sunlight in my studio just the other day and I saw new directionality in the light streaming in. With the added milestone of Labor Day behind us, schools are back in session and people have returned to their full-swing things, signifying Change. I will volunteer and say that I am not ready for autumn, as much as I love its crispness and soft, worn hues. Autumn is actually my favorite time, but I am stuck in love with the heady ripeness of summertime's flavors and shapes - bright and bold, each so easy to love.

Here is a collection of amazing-tasting things I managed to prepare in recent days. Thankfully, much of the bounty of the season is still available at farmer stands, so you still have time! I hope that once you pour over the images, you will be inspired to try your hand at one (or all!) of these. They are - almost entirely - surprisingly simple to make, and the return on flavor is well worth it. Enjoy!



Please let me know if you try your hand at any of these. I'd love to answer questions should you have any, or just hear how much you enjoyed a recipe you shared with loved ones!