Friday, July 25, 2014

Tomatoes: Favorite Panzanella Salad, My Family Gazpacho, and More

It's tomato season here. Which means I have been gorging on my favorite heirlooms. This panzanella, constructed of oil-soaked torn-and-fried bread, the bright kick of fresh basil and alliums (in this case chive blossoms), and the juiciest tomatoes around, my favorite tomato salad is something you should make. Go to Anthology for the recipe in my latest installment and revel in edible art. 

I've made this heavenly thing three times in the last couple weeks. It is that good.

When this or fat tomato wedges, eaten one-after-the-other (and dressed in the barest of sea salt and olive oil)  haven't been on the menu, I've been swimming in my family's gazpacho recipe. Recently produced for Food52's Heirloom Recipes column, this bowl of veggie confetti is perfect. Like it says: looks like a salsa, eats like a soup, tastes like a salad. Yum.

Plentiful sunshine and bright food which needs so little done to it to be amazing… it's summertime!

If you're hankering for more summery eating, don't miss this story from last month's Anthology feature. Three succulent recipes definitely worth incorporating into your daily eating.

That is not all.

The newest printed Anthology Journal - out in just a couple weeks - showcases my lushly produced piece featuring some of my grandmother's recipes. It's a beautiful story. Catch a preview of it, here:

There are many more goodies lining up. Here is a new one which debuted last week in The New York Times.

Just add the grill and you are good to go!

I'm trying to really savor this food, this time. I know delicious fall recipes await me, but I am loving the simplicity and perfection of this summer. Closing my eyes to relish these moments and make time slow down. Just a little.

Thanks as always for accompanying me on this journey. xxx ;)