Monday, August 19, 2013

Finding Time and Losing It

I'm having a hard time managing the life I used to have with the new one I have committed to. I feel badly about not having the chance to birth (and complete) new stories here. It's kind of funny, actually. When I started the blog, I thought it would "be good to do" and worried about what my voice would be "out there," wondering what I would write about. And now? I pine to have time to create personal work and share my adventures here with you all.

It's not that I'm not taking pictures. Quite the contrary. I am shooting more than I ever have... It's the personal, down-time which lacks. My hope is that this is all part of a larger transition, and that I will be able to work stories in again as a more regular part of my life. That - as everything settles - this space will show itself.

But for now I live in the margins of my larger commitments, practice some yoga at home - to of course offset the gobs more eating I do in the SL test kitchens (oh boy) - and say hi to my pussy cats and wonderful home.

Here's to living, those great and small moments I cherish.....

One of our sweethearts, Maya

Some of the numerous *leftover* bouquets around our home, thanks to a stylist who creates arrangements for local weddings

Personal artifacts in my world...

At this point, my work is now appearing in the magazine! I thought to share some outtakes from the current issue. These are some of my favorites, from a Birmingham-based what's-great-around-town story. I hope you'll agree....

Good summer sipping at Little Donkey

Not much has changed since when they opened in 1907! At the wonderful Peanut Depot

A favorite meat& three destination: Johnny's, on left
One more thing -

I'd done a series for a Manhattan restaurant which is soon to go live, work shot on my very last day in the city. No pressure. :) 

Working with the chef was great. His talent for bursts of color, freshness of ingredients, and interest in seasonal fare aligned with my own philosophy for good eating, and he trusted in our collaboration. So good. Here are a few of my favorites, with more you can be sure to look forward to.....