Wednesday, January 29, 2014

French Rustic Collards, Melted Onion, Mushroom Pie and New Work at Birmingham Magazine

I've been on a pie kick. If you didn't see the fabulous meat pies I made for Anthology, you can check them out here. They're part of my monthly column where I produce, cook, and style - and of course shoot! - the process and results. Every bit yummy. I love my work!!

Since it's winter - it SNOWED here yesterday, and I'm in Alabama! - it is the perfect time for soothing foods. So many of us have been affected by the strange turn in weather, with new concepts like Polar Vortex becoming commonplace. That can't be a good thing....right? But, I was temporarily seized by the snowy wonderland outside my windows as I bustled around preparing this dish.

Inspired by the collaboration between Goop and Food52, I thought to throw a recipe in the hat and see what fun it would produce. I had lots of fun making and eating this delightful pie, and I hope you will, too.

The full recipe is here. I'd love to hear if you try your hand at it! And when the time comes to vote, I'll let you all know. :)

Here now are some of my favorites from my feature with the wonderful ladies at Birmingham Magazine. Asked to produce a lifestyle story about a small Basque community relocated to The 'Ham, I spent a day photographing a delightful couple and their three equally sweet young daughters. Full story - minus the images :( -  here. You can request a printed copy by contacting the publisher.

It has been tremendous producing diverse work with such good people. I feel blessed.

There's lots to come, like an extra special story at Anthology. It will debut on Valentine's Day. And more... Join me on Instagram for peeks into the projects as I produce them.  Thanks for visiting!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

My New Website! And, Savory Pies at Anthology, too

Yes, you read that correctly. My website received some needed retooling and it is now live! A perfect addition to this already great year...

Check it out for yourself at

...With all the blustery cold so many of the States have received of late, my most recent feature at Anthology comes as the perfect remedy. Savory, warming meat pies that conjure a hearth (and the comfort that comes with it), a soothing gift brought by friends in a snowstorm... the quintessential comfort food. It's the stuff of nostalgia.... See for yourself and tell me what you think!

Here are the vittles. Don't miss the full story and recipe over at Anthology -

It's the perfect time for savory and soothing pies, and maybe a nice warm toddy while perusing my new web galleries.... Stay warm. Get cozy and enjoy.