Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas in New York City

Recently, I was given a project by my friend on the other side of the world, none other than Miss Katie Quinn Davies, to find and capture places in this fair city that I cherish and want to share with the world, for a mega, magazine-style post coming out any day now.

Of course various places rushed to mind, and then came the work of trying to establish the right timing to stop in and make the pictures happen. Along the way I was met with some surprises and some unexpected complications - hello amazing food venues, exhausted from Thanksgiving business and trying to get your Christmas act together, all by the first week of December! It makes me tired even thinking of it. All in all, I felt like fortune graced me and I made deeper relationships with these wonderful businesses, and I was able to showcase their many special attributes in a way that we all can feel good about. Here are some of my favorites (in no particular order)...

Cafe Grumpy - my coffee shop of choice, and rightly so with a knowledgeable and dynamic staff. Oh, and they have amazing coffee! It's my indulgence in the afternoons on days when I have time to meander (and sometimes other times too).

My steady, the clover machine brew

Making latte art look effortless

Next, there is The Castello Plan. In Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, they are a gem in a neighborhood of beautiful homes and people (they have porches and gardens there, need I say anything else??). My sweetheart took me there first on my birthday, and it's been a love affair for all of us ever since!

This gorgeous platter, available at brunch

Chef Natasha putting the finishing touches to one of her amazing creations

Gramercy Flowers in Chelsea Market is an enchanted little boite. You cannot help yourself but be lured inside to see what sexy, lush incarnations in plants and blooms await. J. brings me home a bouquet from them now and again, and I always feel like a lucky girl when that happens.


In the West Village, there is Chocolate Bar. For years I have been going there for rarefied treats - mostly to give as gifts - as I usually feel spending money on myself in that way to be a bit much. I do feel great about it however, when I consider how happy someone else is going to be as they receive a special box of truffles, all custom-wrapped and beautiful.

Their holiday chocolate bark bar - yep, as satisfying as it sounds.

Gorgeous, chocolate-gobbling children - good customers :)

Left Bank Books is another amazing find, just a couple doors down from Chocolate Bar. In my adventures around the city, I realized I could make a story about the magic of food and, only here, they would be in the form of lush words crafted to tempt. This could make for a whole new satisfaction - never mind their rare and beautiful editions - see for yourself.

Owner, Kim Herzinger

And last but not least, Lucy's Whey, back in the Chelsea Market. These people are serious about cheese. Really good cheese. You can try any of the artisanal selection, and it's all pretty fabulous. Make sure you get some of their beer & pretzel caramels at the very least!

All this and more in the great Christmas Story! Check it out and be prepared for your salivary glands to start working in overdrive....

May you all have a memorable, loving, and restful holiday this year.


  1. What a great places you got there. All so warm and special.
    Happy holidays to you too.

  2. It was quite fun to capture each of these, to figure out the special aspects of each place and draw them into focus. Thank you :D