Thursday, April 7, 2011

Please Nominate My Blog!

Saveur is hosting their annual Best Food Blog Awards, and I need you lovely people to take a moment to vote here for my blog, for best food photography. You can view my blog's recipes (with oodles of yummy food photography) here, as well as peruse Licking the Plate in general for tasty visual treats. A big THANK YOU for your time and support!!!


  1. all the best dear!
    looking forward to see you winning :)

  2. Hi Asha! Thank you dear lady :) I sure plan on winning... let's make it happen!!!

  3. I nominated you! Here's the explanation I gave Saveur on why I think you should win the Best Food Photography category:

    Melina's work as a food stylist and photographer are stand out good. Her images are saturated in brilliant light, her dish ware/props/compositions are always original and well suited. As a food stylist, she presents her food just such a way that it adds to its appeal. As a new food blogger I've been very impressed with the contents of her blog, truly professional grade.

  4. Thanks, you guys!

    Hammernet, what a beautiful mouthful you chose to describe my work. I hope the panel of judges feel inspired by your words and see the honesty and beauty in my work :D