Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Feast for Friends

It is actually looking like spring outside! What fortunate timing, as I've been starved for the season's flowers and the fragrance they bring. So with Easter as my excuse (should I ever need one) I bought numerous dainty and bright blooms and made preparations for a meal that would make use of things calling out to me from my refrigerator's stocks... food I think anyone would happily gobble. Made for ease and versatility - and of course supreme deliciousness - shared with friends. Enjoy. ;)

The fragrance from these jonquils permeated the living room!


As you can imagine, we had a great time. Nothing like catching up with dear people (it seems like far too long in-between each time one or another of us makes arrangements, but then again I guess that's New York). What even better time spent, making a festive occasion of it with flowers celebrating the season, and special-feeling, fantastic food.


  1. Found your site from your flickr photostream. Just a lovely post and beautiful Easter.

  2. the table looks beautiful melina!

  3. Thank you two! I'm so happy you are moved by the scene. It was truly fun putting it all together. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!!