Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy July 4th!

 Spiced lamb sausage and whole grain mustard with farmer's market micro sorrel...

Lemonade coolers (from BUST magazine feature) for easy summer sipping.
Asparagus, fresh pea, and dill fusilli...


 And to top it all off, a lattice crust strawberry rhubarb pie... :)

By now, you're probably hungry. Happy July 4th, everyone! Recipes coming soon...


  1. Beautiful post. The photos are so wonderful!!!

  2. So classic and beautiful - I absolutely love the mismatchy lemonade coolers and the elegantly latticed pie. Happy 4th!

  3. Thanks, girls!!! You don't know how difficult that lattice-weave pie was... (especially with a curious kitty cat hovering nearby!)Have a fantastic holiday tomorrow :)

  4. gorgeous images, as usual!

  5. Such lovely photos. I am DROOLING over that pie. The lattice is perfect.

  6. Thanks again! Rivki, that pie keeps haunting me to make another - while we still have rhubarb around (I have some frozen strawberries I think I could use). It was just the right combo of crust+fruit amazingness. Recipes coming in the next day or so - keep your eyes peeled :)