Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Anniversary Apples

I haven't meant to be away so long. There have been all kinds of wonderful things happening, like an ICE pasta course I have been invited to take (and will be documenting, mmm I can't wait). Look for that soon. And the Brooklyn specialty foods line I am helping to launch. And stories I've shot for the holiday issue of Sweet Paul magazine! I could go on. But I am here to instead share with you - now almost a month ago - the enchanted time J and I had on our anniversary.

We rented a car and drove to an orchard just beyond Beacon, NY. We chose Lawrence Family Orchards because they seemed to have the most variety, and I was hungry for a farm experience in all its glory. As it turns out that wasn't exactly so, but we dove in and made the most of it. Here is the fruit from our labor... :-)

Orchard views, down the slope
We happily stumbled upon some raspberry bushes - too ripe to take home, we ate our fill while picking

Looking for broccoli

Our wagon full of goodies

I hope you experienced a little of the enchantment from our special day. We brought home broccoli greens (for stews and soups, since the florets were mostly harvested), kabocha and pumpkin squash, purslane, some sad tomatoes that I have since made incredible preserves from, and over 20 pounds of apples! Look for a part two story (with tasty recipes) coming very, very soon.


  1. Happy anniversary! Lovely photos -- thanks for sharing your special day :)

  2. That raspberry pic is my favourite.

  3. Thanks you two! I cannot believe how quickly we have devoured all those apples - makes me feel like a return trip is in order... if I can make the time. :) Zap, that raspberry image is one of my favorites, too. Thanks so much.