Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rainy Day Williamsburg

Flowers have been planted around the tree in front of my house. I am freshly back from a fantastic trip to my hometown. But, those sweet bits are not what this story is about. Just before leaving on my trip home - a nonstop week of meetings, cleaning, and packing to depart, and cooking everything left in my refrigerator - my friend Katie Quinn Davies was in town, as part of a three week whirlwind USA trip (I'm starting to think that's the only way she travels!)... and dear Valery Rizzo - another super food photographer - offered to be our tour guide around Williamsburg as we ventured for lunch and then bopped around.

I spotted a cool photo-shoot in progress as I descended the J train steps. It immediately reminded me of the work of Denis Darzacq, with the talent twirling sideways in the air, seemingly repeatable on-command. That guy did it about 12 times, and that's just when I paused to watch. This kind of thing is one of the many which I love about Brooklyn. You never know what kind of unusual and completely cool (or zany - random - surreal) thing you'll come across. :-)

It was a rainy day. We lunched at Marlow & Sons and began our sight-seeing from there. Drizzling and occasionally more, we weren't deterred. We came to some of my favorite spots, and also landed new highlights for my Billyburg destination map. (Thanks, Valery!) With the fun we had, you'd think we had the fortune to play in the sunshine....


From diners to bric-a-brac shops, late afternoon cocktails to chocolate tastings, it was a grand time.

Enjoy the rain droplets wetting your skin. Find someplace new and get lost. Go someplace familiar and re-discover it for yourself again. There is beauty in everything!


  1. Looks like a great outing! It's rainy and miserable here in Colorado today, and I'm loving it. :)

  2. I love rainy days! The photos are so beautiful. I love how the colors play in these photographs. I love the lighting as well. I enjoyed reading this article a lot.

  3. These pics are AMAZING! You have such a great eye!

  4. Beautiful photos. I love photo tours that go along the streets and in and out of restaurants. Thank you!

  5. Thanks you guys. Your words put a huge smile on my face. Glad you love the images! I thought the colors were just fab, too.

    Rainy day fun is like no other, really. :)

    Stay tuned for more outdoor escapades - yay spring!!!

  6. Oh i can't wait to visit Williamsburg in june..! Thanks for the inspiring pictures and the good address! I'll be staying very near from the restaurant, yummy...*