Thursday, October 31, 2013

More! Delicious Bites and Scenes from Southern Living

With the holidays approaching, there's been a lot of glitter on set, along with ample china finery and general mayhem. This beautiful floral scene features in the current issue, as do most of the images which follow. Celebrating Thanksgiving elegance and good eating,  the November issue is sure to please. 

Delectable jambalaya. With this mix of ingredients, you can't go wrong...

Curried chicken and veg chowder with toasted coconut - totally yummy. Try it out, here.

A sausage-grits quiche-style dish. Surprisingly tasty....

There's so much happening right now. These morsels are a keyhole to satisfaction, as I prepare the next great thing.... 

Some highlights looking ahead: a chef in the garden story we're shooting, right-around-the-corner, a gorgeous French rustic Tart Tatin feature, a fall picnic fantasy, and more. :) Thanks, as always, for your continued enthusiasm and support. xoxo

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  1. Gorgeous! I have to try that chicken casserole w the coconut!