Monday, June 16, 2014

Food52 Preserved Lemons, New York Times Slow Roasted Fish, Continental Bakery for Birmingham Magazine

It's been a supremely busy time. I feel like I've been saying this with each visit here, but it's true. Thanks for keeping me busy with wonderful projects, lovely clients. :) I just finished a travel story for Garden and Gun Magazine - look for it late summer - and this week will be a new travel piece with Fine Cooking and A Moveable Feast. How fun!

For things here at home base: it makes my day to conceive - and then execute on - each recent story...  How will this new one feel in its textures and hues? What will the food on the plate look like on set? How do I see the light dancing across everything, making a gorgeous display so that all of you will be sure to get irritatingly hungry? I'm having a blast. 

Today debuts a new contribution to the 'Halfway to Dinner' column I've written for, here and here. This story is about my love affair with preserved lemons. They are extremely easy to prepare - all you need is patience! Preserved lemons, essentially a pickle, impart a delightful punch to anything to which they are added. See for yourself. Click here for the full story. 

In all my busy-ness, I could only quick-and-dirty-like (with my iPhone) document this batch made for Food52. These are Meyer lemons and I highly recommend using them for their sweeter flavor and thinner skin-to-pith ratio. Use organic, whatever you have chosen, as you'll ingest skins and all. Salt, some lemon juice and water, and a month or so's time, and you have briny, satiny-savory amped up lemons for use in just about anything… if you make some, I want to know how you decide to use them!

In other news, last week's New York Times carried another Pairings article I produced, featuring a fabulous roasted fish...

Here is the full story (and the delicious recipe).

Another story out now, this month's Birmingham Magazine features a wonderful bakery which has innovated French style baking here, for 30 years and counting. Carole, the owner, was such a pleasure to work with. And, I can attest that each baked good is worth its weight in butter and flour….

There are summer pastries waiting to debut, an artisan pickle story, and a gorgeous feature all about me, right around the corner. There's also more travel work - I fall in love with so many of the places - and more with my beautiful farmer friends. Not enough time in a day. 

For all the latest, come along with me for daily experimentation and funny, beautiful adventures on Instagram. I'm addicted and having way too much fun!

I hope you're diving into summer and celebrating it to the fullest. xoxo

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