Friday, January 7, 2011

Come Fly with Me

We have officially lived the first week of 2011, and it’s the only time I haven’t gotten a calendar in time to ring in the New Year. That might mean something (please feel free to discuss) but I’m more interested in other things right now… There are many wonderful things on the horizon and the year has only just begun!

The most notable and great news is that J and I are headed to Japan in less than two weeks! We will be photographing a wedding for a dear friend, and making sense – or just fun – out of the layers and labyrinths that are Tokyo. We will also spend some time exploring the beautiful shrines and temples in Kyoto, and hopefully, happen upon a third place as of yet undetermined… We shall see. Having been there before, I was treated to many delightful sights as well as incredible meals (thank you A!). 

This however, will be my first time without a host leading me to all the best places - if anyone has advice in navigating - or recommendations - I welcome them. It will be interesting to see how we fare (sticking out like sore thumbs, maybe?). There is one thing I do know: wherever we go, we will eat quite well!

If January is off to a start such as this, the rest of the year is bound to share fruits even more bright and ripe. Now is the time to cherish these soothing winter moments as we incubate what we want to create for ourselves,  growing more and more as the weather warms and blossoms unfold. 

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  1. Awesome start to the new year! have a great time in Japan and I'm sure the photos will be totally cool!