Friday, August 12, 2011

Birthday Celebrating

Now a little while ago already (where does the time go??), I made sure to celebrate my birthday this year properly, by making trips to two of New York's most fantastic and specialized markets, back-to-back! Smorgasburg on Saturday, and The New Amsterdam Market on Sunday, my special day. Smorgasburg was with my dear friend D. In the sultry sun, I didn't want to make a big deal of taking pictures so the series is shot completely on my iphone. Sunday was with my sweet man, and he was kind enough to be the official camera chaperone when I didn't feel like shouldering it. :-)  As you'll see there was lots of good eating to be done between the two. I am so lucky to call New York my home with this incredible bounty of interesting foods.

The most incredible avocado ice cream (really!) from La Newyorkina
Neill with the goods at Bon Chovie
The lawn, looking out onto the East River
Toothsome organic pastas from Flour City
The impressive menu from I8NY - seriously tasty
It was a bright, sultry day
New Amsterdam Market, at the old Fulton Fish Market in lower Manhattan
Heirloom fruits at Flying Fox Fruiterer
We took home a wonderful sunflower rye loaf from Nordic Breads
Stone Barns' vegetable harvest
The Dumpling Diva and her poffertjes
poffertjes, with a smear of butter and confectioners' sugar
Pour-overs from Blue Bottle Coffee
The ice block at People's Pops
Sampling the hay (earthy, honey, yummy!) and basil ice cream from Early Bird Cookery


  1. happy birthday! a good way to celebrate this special occasion! btw, i love your hair ;)

  2. Happy birthday, Melina! I'd love to visit that farmers market in Amsterdam... It must be amazing! The best way to celebrate a special birthday ;)

  3. Thank you two!! It certainly was a great way to celebrate. Creating the post makes me want to revisit them again.... The market is "New Amsterdam" in New York, a play on the old name when settled here. :) I wish I went to Amsterdam!!
    Thanks for commenting re: my hair..just got 10 inches cut off to lighten my load!

  4. happy bday melina!
    love all your story telling photos in this special post and you are so gorgeous!

  5. Oh thank you Ira! Pictures+storytelling are two of my favorite things. Thanks for putting a big grin on my face :D