Thursday, April 5, 2012

Saveur 2012 Blog Awards, Plus More

I am so pleased to write this today. After almost 40,000 nominations, a group of SAVEUR editors narrowed the field to six finalists for each category in the best food blog awards.  I am nominated for best single food photo on a blog! Just yesterday I was wondering how the nominations were going, when this afternoon I received an email to notify me that I am a finalist. Please click the badge to vote and spread the word, tweet, and vote, vote, vote. ;)

 Here is the image they selected...

I was making a delicious spring salad when I saw these beautiful peelings I had, leftover. I knew I had to photograph them. The casualness of the scatter - and the intense color of the remaining orange flesh - made it even more fun to shoot. 

Thank you so much!

A couple other wonderful bits to share with you...

Xiaolu at Six Bittersweets just wrote a gorgeous piece on me, with lots of images. Check it out, here. And a few weeks back, Audrey at This Little Street paired another of my tasty salads (hmm, a theme maybe?) for a sweet story with the great work of Lucas Allen. I'll take it. :)

There's more coming soon.... But hopefully, this will fill you for right now and put smiles on your lovely faces. Thanks for your wonderful support.


  1. I just LOVE reading your posts and your thoughts...Great post by the way...
    I hope you will take the time to visit me at my new upcoming Food blog at...

    Lots of ♥ D .

  2. Congratulations Melina!
    Im happy that I have done my vote for you :)

  3. Congrats on making the finals! I came over from Xiaolu's site and glad I did :)
    Take care..

  4. BIG congrats on the Saveur nomination. Just found you via 6 Bittersweets :)

  5. You got my vote too, congrats :)

  6. Thank you all so much!!!

    It has been a good week, and the nomination - and your visits and sweeeeet comments - has me feeling so grateful~!

    Happy to have you new friends, and to see great old ones again. Love that you all stopped by :-)

    Have a very Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

  7. Hi Melina, congratulations on being a Saveur finalist! I just discovered your blog through the Saveur website, I'm also a finalist but in the video category. I love your blog and your photos are gorgeous. I especially love the one of the dogwood at your mom's - it's stunning! All the best with the competition :-)

  8. It's a beautiful photo - huge congratulations and so well deserved :-)

  9. The photo is deliciously appealing. It made us want to pick up the peels and scrape the very last bit of orange into our mouths. We have to hand it to Saveur for seeing the art in this photo from among so many others. Congratulations! On to victory! FK

  10. Thanks you guys!

    KV, I voted for you too - great video!

    Little loaf, you are kind. I really appreciate it. Now that it is the final days, I am writing to friends I realize don't know about the competition to see if they can lend a helping hand. :) Fingers crossed.

    Frank, thanks so much for your sweet comment! That was my feeling too!!!