Friday, December 13, 2013

Braised Lamb Shanks at Anthology, New Work at Southern Living, Last-Minute Fab Gifts

As you might gather from the title, I have been up to many projects of late. There is much to share, and much will be revealed further, soon. Today, however, marks the fourth feature with Anthology Mag. I have loved producing and cooking up these delicious stories! This one takes a cue from all the wintry weather we've been having, and is robustly savory. Braised lamb shanks anyone?

Check out the full story - and more gorgeous pictures - at Anthology and let them know how much you love it. :)

Switching gears, here are snippets from this month's Southern Living.... we have since parted ways, and this represents the lot of work produced in my last days there. More will appear as bits in upcoming months; I'll post them here as they run in the magazine.

festive blooms for every container - 

a roast story - 

*fancy* shooting products on white - 

Which brings me to..... In my love for - and earnest interest to support - local makers, I wanted to create a little gift guide this year, in case you haven't already aced the list for your dear ones. Inspired by the great photographer Andrea Gentl, who seems to effortlessly curate great collections, I thought you might like a glimpse of what I've come across that inspires me....

1. Organic Neck Warmer - Knit in Los Angeles with enormous needles, this wool roving neck warmer is totally stylish while maintaining a sense of timelessness. The simple novelty of such knitting needles is worth a glance.

2. Soup Bowl in "Crater" Glaze - Support small makers by buying through savvy online shops like Etsy. This stoneware bowl has been on my list for a while, and there's just one like it!

3. Save Bristol Bay - Some of the greatest gifts we can give will help keep the crucial fabric of our planet intact. This pristine Alaskan bay, fed by waters from nearby snow-capped peaks and small rivers threaded from wetlands and tundra, is the best wild salmon habitat on Earth. It faces imminent threat from the proposed Pebble mine (as well as adjacent proposed mining). If we lose this perfection of Nature, we will lose wild salmon as we know it.

4. The Bunad Blanket - Though not local, this indulgent, award-winning piece is woven in Norway of the finest wool fibers, and is so, so beautiful.

5. Glaze-dipped bowl from Terrain - lead-free glaze, handmade in Vermont, USA. I love so many things at Terrain...

6. Hand-poured Birthday Candles - Made from all-natural beeswax right here in the USA. These tapers add drama to any celebration.

7. Hasami Bowl - The simple ingenuity of these modular porcelain bowls makes for limitless uses at the table.

8. Vermont Rolling Pins - I use their European pin for many of my projects, and this one is another I've coveted for some time. Hand crafted, beautiful, and functional. What else is there?

9. Classic Linen Apron - from the fine people at Quitokeeto, this timeless design is constructed in California of natural materials. The flax linen only gets better with age....

10. Beautiful Briny Sea Salt - I was delighted to discover that this small maker creates her toothsome salts right here in Alabama, and I was sold when I tasted her French Picnic blend. Perfect for rubs, as a finishing salt, and more...

11. Save the Orangutans -  Another way to feel good about giving, these imperiled, beautiful creatures could sure use our support. Currently, orangutan habitat is being eradicated (80% reduction in the last 20 years) in favor of palm plantations so that companies can use palm oil in products such as peanut butter, truffles, hygeine products, and more. Please help save these precious creatures from extinction.

12. Balsamic Fresh Fig Jam - Made in small batches in Porland, Oregon, everything from this maker is delicious. I have a collection of empty jars to prove it.

13. Excalibur Dehydrator - this splurge more than makes up for itself with the savings in longterm food costs. Perfect for those preservation-minded folks! Great for fruit leathers, drying mushrooms, and any other fresh produce you may need to save from spoilage.

However you do the holiday season, please, for your own sanity (I'm talking to myself here, with a laundry list of things to do), make room to breathe, kick up your feet to release physical stress  - preferably with a cocktail - and a hug someone (or everyone!) you love. I mean it. It's too easy to become stressed out, and time is too precious to allow all of the "things" to get in the way. And with that, onwards.... :) xxx


  1. Gorgeous as always love. I love the table setting and the gorgeous topiary. I too adore Terrain. Those soup bowls are wonderful! Dear Santa…..

    1. Argh! I didn't reply to you but LOVED that you wrote me. Sorry about that! Glad that the holiday trinkets hit their mark with you. :) Just wait till you see my next goodie story……!