Friday, February 14, 2014

Bourbon-soaked densely chocolate cake with mocha buttercream: Happy Valentines Day!

Hey! Y'all are the apple of my eye. :)

I hope this story makes you swoon and that this feat of a layer cake brings tremble and desire. And that you are rewarded with the most savory-sweet of indulgences. This recipe offers all that and more... :)

See the full column and recipe - the latest in my monthlies -  over at Anthology. Sharing love and good taste on this Valentine's Day! xxxooo


  1. Wow what a wonderful addition for such an indulgent holiday. This is a signature piece that certainly captures your love that goes into your work to craft the most decadent & rich moment. Truly worthy of trembling!

  2. What a lovely delicious cake and beautiful photos as well!

  3. Hammernet, thank you so much. Yup, every bit tremble-worthy. :)

    Lili, thank you! All the effort ends up being worth it, with this crazy delightful cake as the result.