Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Provencal Fish Stew, Ribollita, Ginger-Daikon Chicken Stew, and Pork with Porcinis and Cream: New Features at The New York Times

As you may guess from the title, I am eating as well as ever. I was tasked with cooking, styling, and photographing these soothing winter recipes, and I love each.

Really, please take the time (which isn't much at all, as it turns out) to make these recipes. The first story, by one of my heroes, Mark Bittman, is a totally no-nonsense bit and each is deceptively easy to prepare. Do it. The pork with porcinis isn't any more difficult. The rewards will show themselves immediately.

Some great photos which didn't make the final cut....

One which did make the cut - and one of my favorites. Glowing gorgeous chicken stew, you...

And the pork - lentil - porcini - slab bacon - celery - cream recipe.... need I say more?

I enjoyed these recipes immensely and it didn't hurt that two rounds of snow hit Alabama - aka the snowpocolypse - while working on them. Oh, the good eating.

If you prepare any please let me know what you think, or, if you have any favorites. I've had a difficult time deciding.

We all want spring to hurry up and make its way on the scene, but if we have to suffer in the cold, there's no better food than stuff like this! 

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