Friday, April 11, 2014

Color-Punch Slaw at Anthology

Color. It's where it's at.

Especially with everything spring finally exploding in the great outdoors.

My newest story at Anthology is a vibrant, toothsome recipe that requires absolutely no cooking. There's a good bit of chopping and a little stirring, but I know your muscles need a little workout so that you can be your warm-weather best…. ;) I hope you like it. It really is delicious, one of my steady go-to's that pleases every single time.

It is just as savory-sweet-crunchy-juicy as it looks. To try the slaw for yourself, click here for the full details. Let me know how you love it!  :-)

And don't forget I still have a giveaway on offer!! There's so much to enjoy in Sweet Paul's book, so visit this page for the details if you want a shot at the goods.

Happy weekend everyone!

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