Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Hearts Go Out To You

The devastation in Japan keeps sinking in deeper as the days go by. I cannot believe the layers of impact - literally and figuratively - as I tune into news reports online. Aftershocks, flooding, radiation (!!), and bitter cold, all after a horrendous earthquake felt across hundreds of miles and the decimation from a tsunami. The story I want to share is my small way to try and offset the heartbreak, a story of love. I wanted to share with you some of the wonderful and sweet people we came across as we traveled. I hope you will smile and delight in viewing these interesting, luminous spirits.

Our first day, Shimokitazawa


He made amazing drinks from inside a tiny van, the "Motoya Express"

My mocha and interesting items on the menu

At Tsukiji Market
My beautiful friend A, who was with her parents when the earthquake struck (and is ok!)

It doesn't get any cuter than this...

Almost unbearably adorable

Near Arashiyama, the bamboo forest

At Kiyumizu-dera temple in Kyoto - post coming soon

The stylish winter in Takayama - story soon

If you are looking for a way to help you can give here, here, and here - few organizations whose members work so hard, and that I love. Thank you for your concern and compassion!

Let us send love and relief to the people struck by the devastation in Japan.


  1. Beautiful photos Melina. My trip to Japan is obviously cancelled but through your portraits I feel I've been there in a small way.

  2. Thank you Melina for these photos! After looking at the photos of the catastrophe your pictures made me smile! :)

  3. Amazing portraits, Melina! It's nice to see photos of smiling people, considering what's happening in their country!

  4. Simone, I thought of you after the disaster struck. I am sorry to hear you will not be making the trip! Is it because you would have traveled to that region? Can your flight be transferred so you do not lose it completely?? Please keep me posted.

    Zizi, I am very happy my images could give you a smile. I know we can all use it... thank you for your lovely words.

    Valery, thank you. I really loved capturing each and every person - almost anyone we asked was quite happy to offer themselves to the lens (lucky me!).

    Sarka, thank you :) I couldn't agree more. Everyone - even if they haven't suffered directly - is feeling the weight of the victims' new reality.

    Thanks for your visits - hope you have done something special this weekend with folks you admire!

  5. love the clothes, the colors and the quality of light in these photos. that white poodle certainly has an A+ grooming. these are all very special.