Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Work Out Now

There are some wonderful projects I have been very fortunate to collaborate on, available online and in stores now.  Many of my favorites from these shoots can be seen in my updated portfolio. I welcome any feedback you may have!

I mentioned ReStyle Source in the recent My New York post. They are the newest addition to lifestyle & home goods online, and they organize - in oh-so-pretty a way! - where to find unusual-delicious-beautiful things from great, local producers nationwide. I am a style scout and photographer for their NY projects; here is one of the first of my picks to be featured.

Sergio, making the magic at Bkln Larder

Another nice add, here is my very own source page, with more goodies soon to follow....

In other news, towards the end of fall, I flew down to the (incredibly beautiful) Southern Living headquarters to shoot a story featured in this month's magazine. Called "What to Eat Now" I spent a great day shooting the story with the truly awesome photo staff - thank you Erin, Heather, Julie, and Hunter! - and the fabulous food stylist Tami Hardeman and prop stylist Lydia Purcell. You ladies rocked!! Available on newsstands now, be sure to check out this yummy story, complete with a variety of crowd-pleasing recipes.

If these images delight but you can't get your hands on the magazine for any reason, the recipes are also available here. (scroll towards bottom and you'll find 'em)

I am so grateful to work on projects like these with such talented people. This is my passion. Hardworking people, beautiful objects which tell a story, and *fresh-fresh* gorgeous ingredients to bring everything together. Look for more soon!  (:-) 


  1. Omg, totally into this. Love to have some of the recipes in that teaser. :D Got my eye on your next posts.

  2. Wow. Those projects are pretty amazing! The photos are wonderful and i am so happy I discovered your blog.

  3. Thank you both for such awesome support. Jeane, all the recipes from Southern Living are up on their website - if you cannot find them from a search, I will go through and get it for you. Let me know!
    Thanks Sarah! I am so happy you found me too. You make me feel like it doesn't all just go into the ether. Have a great New Year ;-).